Daphne Brookins Is The Change Agent Our Kids Need

As a four-year All-American college athlete, Daphne Brookins learned how to take on difficult tasks and make a positive impact. A former teaching assistant, TCC and TCU adjunct instructor, she has spent her career in education and social services.  


Daphne created the Rising Stars Youth Leadership Academy to teach leadership and life skills to teens in our local schools and the CAP Works program for adults who were failed by our education system. Daphne has proven she gets results!


As our next FWISD board member, Daphne will work to include life skills in our classrooms to prepare our students for life situations. She believes in preparing our young people for successful, self-sufficient lives, whether that means college or vocational training to directly enter the workforce.


Daphne will help our students reach their goals and become our next generation of successful leaders.


It’s clear why Daphne has been called “a change agent”! With the resignation of our Fort Worth School Board Member, Dr. T.A. Sims, we have a chance to change our schools for the better.

Vote Daphne Brookins for Fort Worth School Board on Nov. 5th.

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