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A Driven Leader Fighting For Our Kids 

As an All-American college athlete, Daphne Brookins learned how to take on difficult tasks and make a positive impact. A former teaching assistant, TCC and TCU adjunct instructor, she has spent her career in education and social services.  

The pandemic has drastically impacted our schools in unforeseen ways over the past year, but Daphne Brookins has been on the front line fighting for our children. She was a consistent voice advocating to reopen our schools and give parents and students the choice to return or take classes online. Daphne helped secure PPE for students and teachers so that those wishing to return were able to learn in a safe environment. 

In addition, Daphne has collaborated with the Tarrant County DA to offer programs in the criminal justice system for students. She was also instrumental in creating a partnership with Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County that would offer paid internships with local businesses to prepare students for the employment after graduation.

Recently, Daphne helped oversee one of the largest bond packages in FWISD history. This bond will supply resources that will help hire and retain great teachers, provide funding for safety measures on campus, and provide adequate connectivity and equitable distribution of devices to every child in the District, especially those in our the lowest performing schools.


In times of uncertainty, we need fearless, driven leaders like Daphne who will fight for our next generation and ensure that they are given the tools and opportunity to succeed. 

Daphne Delivers Results

  • Opened our schools while keeping our kids safe.

  • Collaborated with the District Attorney's office to offer criminal justice career development programs.

  • Helped create paid internships with local businesses to prepare students for employment after graduation.

  • Enhanced school recreational facilities.

  • Personally made sure that the students who resided in District 4 who did not have transportation received lunches during school closures due to Covid-19.

  • Voted to approve resolution authorizing One-Time Employee Stipend.

  • Assisted in securing an agreement with Tarleton State University guaranteeing acceptance and financial aid to all FWISD students who graduate in the top 25% of their class.

  • Voted to approve resolution granting Employees Additional Paid Leave Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Vote Daphne Brookins for FWISD Board of Trustees on May 1st!